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The professionals at MobiTech Systems have over 60 combined years experience in designing and building custom computer systems that address the needs of mobile workers. From full-size pen tablets to the palm devices, from a patient's bedside to a compressor in the oil patch, the staff at MTS have been creating solutions that significantly impact the productivity and profitability in a variety of organizations.

Since 1991 the professionals at MobiTech have been creating innovative custom business solutions based around pen computing. From early versions of Windows Pen, to Palm® devices, to the newest Windows® Phone and tablet computers, we have spanned the market for mobile devices. Tablets may be new to some application developers, but our staff developed their first application in 1992.  We design and build software solutions that directly enhances staff workflow, reduce costs, and improve availability of critical information.

Our systems capability impact two distinct groups of customers: large enterprises that need to deploy applications across hundreds or thousands of users, and the small business owner and operator (SOHO). For both of these diverse groups we can offer off-the-shelf productivity tools and custom or semi-custom applications.

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