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 Can Trakker be customized?  6/28/2010  by  lc
The description of Trakker seems to match my company's needs very closely, but can Trakker products be customized to fit my exact needs?
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 Do the Trakker™ products interface to other accounting systems?  7/10/2010  by  jb
Can it interface to other PC-based accounting systems?
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 Do the Trakker™ products require QuickBooks® 2005 or greater?  7/10/2010  by  jb
Why can the system use use versions from 2002, but 2005 or later is recommended?
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 Do the Trakker™ products work with the current QuickBooks®?  4/3/2010  by  lc
Yes, all Trakker products have been tested with all US versions of site-installed QuickBooks from 2002 to 2010, including Enterprise. It is not compatible with QuickBooks on-line.
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 HotSync® User Name  7/10/2010  by  jb
What is it, where is it, and why do you need it for a Trakker purchase?
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 How can I use my cell phone to sync my PDA wirelessly?  7/10/2010  by  jb
Wireless sync with phone as modem
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 How do I get my registration code?  7/10/2010  by  jb
After a purchase, how and when do I receive a registration code?
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 How do I set up a remote connection over the Internet?  7/10/2010  by  jb
A remote Internet sync allows remote order entry
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 I can't get my 1st connection to work properly; what should I do?  7/10/2010  by  jb
If I have start-up problems, how do I diagnose and fix them?
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 I reloaded the Trakker software. Now, it has downloaded the items list and AR reports, but will not download the customer list.  7/10/2010  by 
Initial setup and sync errors.
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 Other back end systems  6/28/2010  by  lc
Trakker products connect to QuickBooks, but what other back-end systems has MTS interfaced to?
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 Steps in setting up Trakker on a PDA  2/10/2010  by  lc
These are the specific steps needed to set up a new PDA for use with Trakker
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 The cable connects the PDA but HotSync does not initialize the PDA so that it can communicate with QuickBooks.  7/10/2010  by  jb
Sync error conditions
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 Trakker and Windows 7  6/29/2010  by  lc
How can Trakker be run on a PC with Windows 7?
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 Trakker error when posting to QuickBooks  7/28/2010  by  lc
In some instances a posting error may occur when moving information from the PDA to QuickBooks
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