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New PDA Options


There are lots of new choices in the market of PDA and smartphone devices.  this creates lots of confusion and also lots of opportunity.  For software developers like our company this can be very challenging.  We've been developing for Palm OS for almost 13 years, and it's been a great run, but there are some new things we are going to be addressing in 2011.

First off, we have no plans to develop any Trakker software for Windows Mobile 7; right now Windows Mobile has 3% of the market and that's not enough to make it worthwhile. We ARE working on a version of Trakker products that work seamlessly on Android and iPhone (those represent 43% and 23% respectively). These new products run on HTML5, the new standard for web browsing and mobile device development. They can also run on Windows, and Windows Mobile 7 if we can find a compatible browser (current IE on 6.5 does not, but we have a 3rd party one that is compatible for use on Windows Mobile 5.0 - 6.5). By moving that direction we can support 75% of the US smartphone market, plus any PC with a compatible browser.  That cross-device capability makes a very compelling business strategy.
Expect to see early Trakker products in Q1 of 2011, starting with Time and Expense.
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